Additional Professional Services

We are a full-service design and installation firm. We offer a wide variety of professional hardscape, landscape and masonry services

Interior Home Improvement Services

We don’t always play in the dirt!

Rock Landscaping & Construction, LLC also provides professional interior home improvement services throughout central CT. Here are just a few of our services.

We provide first-rate interior painting. With our expertise, we can transform any room of your choice into a beautiful retreat.

If you want to complete the look to your kitchen or bathroom, Rock Landscaping & Construction can professionally install a gorgeous backsplash – which will help increase the lifespan to the walls of either room.

Rock Landscaping & Construction also offers original, artistic wall design enhancements to any room of your home or office.

We also specialize in natural stone renovations to any interior fireplace, while creating an inviting, comfortable room to relax in.

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